DM: Jeff
Jeff will be playing the role of all the monsters and non-player characters, as well as being the narrator and rules arbiter.

John: Torr, Thaneborn Barbarian (Dragonborn)
Chad: Oris Oran, Protecting Shaman (Deva)
Lucas: Duke’ku, Avenging Paladin of Bahamut (Human)
Rachel: Makaria, Cosmic Sorceress (Tiefling)

Many of these pages will appear blank to the players, as Obsidian Portal has a section of each page that can only be seen by the DM. I will be using these extensively for planning, and will make public the notes from what we did some time after each session.

PS: this isn’t super-related to the Chaos Scar adventures in Dungeon Magazine, but I may use some of the encounters if I feel like it, so please don’t read those if you have access to them.

General Recap:
Prison Break
Strike Force
The Mine

Chaos Scar

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